The 4 Pillars

The Foundation

At the core of our behavior and actions is the Foundation of Security-Net. Our Foundation determines “how” we act in every interaction, and each item is imperative throughout our activities and work together. Our Foundation is defined by the following three characteristics.

The 4 Pillars

We have defined 4 PILLARS, which are demonstrated through our day-to-day actions to realize our Mission.


We will share, define, and exercise Best Practices that will improve our work with each other and as individual businesses.

Below Are Examples:

  • Project logistics
  • Job costing
  • Partner support
  • Operational management support
  • Peer-to-peer interaction
  • Training & installation standards


Account Fulfillment

As members of Security-Net, our members can confidently fulfill commitments to enterprise accounts, knowing and trusting that their customers will be serviced with the highest standard  of quality and workmanship.

  • Partner/customer commitment
  • Training
  • Appropriate resources
  • Reporting metrics and tools
  • SNAPP proficiency
  • Clear communication
  • C-level relationships



As a combined organization, our independent members gain a greater influence on and clout within the security industry, which is exemplified
by the following:

  • Combined buying power
  • Enterprise accounts
  • Organization exposure and reputation
  • Manufacturer training and certification
  • Partnership with manufacturers
  • Media exposure


Innovation /

All individual companies will be leaders of innovation, and will benefit from their membership because of the accountability and knowledge sharing provided by Security-Net.

Below Are Examples

  • Sharing of industry innovation
  • Embracing change and technological progress
  • Strong manufacturer relationships
  • Innovative business practices


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