Video Surveillance

There is a constant need for security, but a person cannot possibly remain vigilant and on alert for threats to your business or employees around the clock. A smart, intuitive, easy-to-use video surveillance solutions can deter crime, protect your businesses from theft, vandalism, false insurance claims, and other security-related incidents.

Security-Net partners provide security cameras and video management systems from all industry leading manufacturers including AXIS, Milestone, Genetec, Hanwha, Avigilon, AVA, Honeywell, Bosch, Pelco, American Dynamics, Johnson Controls, BriefCam, and many others.

The latest video surveillance technology offers incredible capabilities by utilizing high megapixel imagers and video analytics to make recorded video searchable and actionable to allow data driven decision making in real time. You can now detect, verify, and act on critical events as they are happening.

The latest generation of super high resolution digital cameras can provide high-definition streams of video captured in total darkness using adaptive IR. Pan Tilt Zoom cameras can automatically zoom in and focus on people, vehicles or objects completely autonomously.  We offer 4K and higher megapixel cameras that allow persons to be identified live or in recorded video from hundreds of yards away.

Camera based analytics can detect motion, capture license plates, or offer tracking and classification of multiple objects simultaneously. Edge based or server-based analytics can detect unusual activity such as vehicles or people showing up in unusual locations. It can spot unusual objects left behind in critical areas or alert you if something suddenly goes missing. Heat mapping can show you bottlenecks in your workflow or production and confirm the success of end caps or displays in retail applications.

Factories and production lines can use simple motion detection, people counting, line crossing, and other basic analytics features to increased safety, provide accountability, compliance and add situational awareness. For example, video analytics can be used to boost safety around machines and equipment by requiring the presence of operators at control/safety panel locations or shutting down production lines when safety or security areas are broached.

Video analytics can also be used to verify PPE such as hard hats, high visibility vests, hair nets, smocks or other safety equipment is being correctly worn and utilized in production facilities.

There are many applications for a modern video surveillance system. Security-Net Partners are a qualified and trusted resource who provide a variety of IP-based video surveillance solutions that can be configured for cloud or local storage/management.

Your Security-Net alliance partner will design a system to accomplish exactly what you need. Whether you are installing a video management system to prevent shrinkage and internal theft, or installing a system to increase safety, compliance and situational awareness, Security-Net is the premier vendor of choice.


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