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Choose from our wide range of open-platform IP-based products for video surveillance, analytics, access control, ​intercoms and audio systems. Axis manufactures surveillance cameras that will provide crisp, usable images in harsh or low lighting scenarios can go a long way to ensuring situational awareness during or after an incident. Cameras with low-light capabilities will provide you with high-resolution, full color video even in the near absence of light.

Cameras also can utilize the latest AI technology which allows them to monitor a scene for incidents without the need for your security team’s intervention and create events such as audio or lighting to deter further damage or intrusion while also notifying your guards or local authorities. These AI analytics are designed to enable proactive monitoring and access to actionable insights to quickly verify detected events or set up automatic responses.

AXIS has an integrated access control system that will limit entry to the buildings to certain people and can be programmed to work on schedules that fit the specific needs of each location. When integrated into your video management system creating an end-to-end solution, you can achieve better management of access to your buildings from a unified interface. When used in combination with embedded analytics on intercoms or cameras installed near the entrances, security staff can be alerted to loitering or other suspicious activity.

By having the access control system as part of your larger VMS, event information can be shared between the camera system, intercom system and access control allowing even greater control and ease of use. Video footage can be tagged for follow up based on access control events. Visitor records can be easily video verified along with the entry log to spot any anomalies. You can verify, trigger, and monitor lock down or hold and secure procedures from one software solution, allowing you total control easily, quickly and effectively. This drastically improves access on the fly while also making post incident investigations easier and quicker.