Access COntrol

Access Control

Improve the safety and security of your building by implementing a best-in-class access control solution that can allow seamless entry using cards, credentials, mobile phones, personal identification numbers, biometrics, or facial recognition.

Security-Net partners provide access control solutions from all industry leading manufacturers including Lenel, S2, Johnson Controls, Software House, Honeywell, Pro-Watch, Genetec, Feenics, HID, Mercury, Avigilon, OpenPath and many others.

Access Control Systems can get rid of traditional keys, make it easy for your employees to access your building, increase workflow, improve operational efficiencies, and provide confidence that your assets, resources, and people are secured and protected.

Whether you require a simple single door system or an enterprise level deployment, Security-Net has a system to meet your needs. From a local premise based solution to a cloud based physical access control system, we can design a system that you can trust to help create a safer environment for employees and visitors.

  • Secure Credentials
  • Photo ID and Badging
  • Wireless Locksets
  • Fingerprint Readers
  • Visitor Management
  • Smart Card Technology
  • Elevator Control
  • Gate Operators
  • Facial Recognition
  • Video Integration
  • Mobile Credentials
  • Integrated Locksets
  • Biometrics
  • Touchless Entry
  • Cloud Solutions
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