Automatic systems

Automatic Systems – Pedestrian Products, Turnstiles & Vehicle Barriers

With over 50 years of experience, Automatic Systems’ “Quality first” motto, is still a point of pride. The products are reliable, efficient, long lasting and satisfy our clients stringent requirements. Each client request is carefully analyzed by our engineers to ensure that what we deliver meets our client’s needs.


Thanks to the wide variety of Automatic Systems pedestrian products, we have solutions for infinite different pedestrian entrance types. From a small swing gate to a discreet and elegant speedgate, to a high security portal, Automatic Systems has the product for your lobby.

Our speedgate turnstile category includes the SlimLane glass optical barrier turnstile. Its ability to control large flows of people make this swing obstacle turnstile one of our client’s favored choices. It is the ideal product for entrances in prestigious buildings and has many different cabinet options to facilitate the integration of contactless biometric peripherals.


Over 50 years ago, Automatic Systems marketed its first rising barriers. Today, thanks to our experience and our wide range of vehicle access control equipment, we can supply the right solutions with the latest technological developments to meet your requirements.

Whether your requirement is for toll roads, parking areas, access to bridges, tunnels or the closing and entry control of private or industrial sites… within our ranges of barriers you will find the product suitable for your application.