Mass Communications Systems

Improving Communications and Collaboration

Security-Net partners offer Mass Notification Systems which broadcast messages to inform employees, students and visitors of an emergency situation. A fully distributed Mass Notification system can offer a variety of ways to ensure messaging gets to members of your organization. These systems can include indoor and outdoor voice communication, digital signage, text messages, desktop alerts, email, mobile applications, visual alarms, social media integration and radio communications.

We offer fully scalable solutions that can take advantage of portions of your existing infrastructure to communicate and respond quickly to events. Security-Net has deployed solutions utilizing existing public address and intercom systems, fire alarm speakers, emergency call boxes, VoIP telephone systems, access control and video management systems as components of a fully integrated emergency communication system.

Networked based systems can combine duress and mass notification utilizing a vast array of input and output devices which provide maximum situational awareness for first responders, management, employees and the general public during any event.

Security-Net offers a complete line of emergency phones and stanchions, intercommunications systems, emergency muster stations, elevator telephones, areas of assistance intercoms for Healthcare, Mass Transit,  Parking Structures and University Campuses.

  • Healthcare
  • Transportation
  • Voice Evacuation
  • Education
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • SMS Text Messaging
  • Government
  • Commercial and Industrial
  • Desktop Alerts
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