The following article originally appeared in Security Sales and Integration By Louis Boulgarides from Ollivier Managed Security.

In an economy with rising costs, labor shortages, and increased vacancy rates, the need for remote monitoring and the utilization of centralized security operations centers (SOCs) has never been greater.

Advances in Cloud-based access control and video solutions and analytics have reduced the costs associated with centralizing physical access control systems and made centralized monitoring a viable option for any size organization.

Today, there are multiple Cloud-based access control systems and video management systems that allow camera feeds and access control to be monitored from any device anytime, anywhere.

While centralized monitoring can be achieved with on-premises access control and video systems, many times, company operational technology (OT) departments are reluctant to allow access to systems inside of the building environments. Cloud-hosted and hybrid systems allow for access to cameras and access control systems outside of the building environment limiting the risk to internal building systems.

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