The following article appeared on Intelligent CIO

The ubiquitous presence of mobile devices and digital wallets are pushing demand for more mobile access deployments in the region.

HID, one of the world’s leading provider of trusted identity solutions, has announced it now offers companies the integration of employee badges into digital wallets, allowing for convenient, seamless access to the workplace.

The integration of the HID Mobile Access solution with digital wallets simplifies access control to buildings and improves the user experience. Employees are not required to present physical cards but can instead identify themselves to their employers with their smartphone or smartwatch.

Employees only need to activate the badge in their digital wallet and can then gain access to not just their workplace, but also to enabled corporate applications. To use this simple and digital form of authentication, all businesses need is an NFC-enabled reader.

In addition to access control, there are several other applications for the digital employee ID card, including laptops and workstations, secure printing, special access to restricted areas, charging stations and even parking.

The mobile employee ID card offers companies several benefits at once.

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