Craig Jarrett

Craig Jarrett
Executive Board Member

Craig Jarrett is the co-founder of Netronix Integration, a company that is now part of Pavion, and has been an active member of Security-Net since 2018. With more than 35 years of experience in the security industry, Jarrett has extensive experience covering a variety of roles and responsibilities, from sales and installation to project management and operations.

As the current General Manager for Netronix, Jarrett is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the business. Its customers include large tech companies, hospitals, universities municipalities and airports. He has served on several manufacturing boards and is currently a member of the Bosch Security Advisory Board. Previous board positions also include the Lenel Advisory Board and the Arcules Advisory Board.

Jarrett’s entrance into the security industry came when first introduced during his time as a communications electrician in the Navy. That experience of having to monitor and manage engine alarms, the ship’s CCTV system and landing lights for aircraft carriers paved the way for a career in the security industry.

Over the years, Jarrett worked for several security installation companies throughout California before starting Netronix Integration with business partner Steve Piechota. Together they built a company with reached more than 200 employees and provided security services throughout California, Denver, Dallas, Austin and in the state of Maryland. The company also has offices in the United Kingdom, Ireland and India to provide complete security services to global customers.

At Security-Net, Jarrett has been an active member of the Executive Board, where he has played an instrumental role in member recruitment and assisted with the ongoing management of the organization.

When not working, Jarrett enjoys spending his summers boating and water skiing with his family and winters skiing.